Favorites - OhioHick

THE ONES I LIKE BEST:  OK, these are my favorites.  Maybe not great photos (a few may be) but they are the ones that speak to me.  Perhaps is it the content of the image or maybe just the memory that the photo evokes...I just know that these are the ones I keep coming back to.

Favorite Shots:  Again, maybe these are not great photos, but I like 'em.  Some are pulled from the Best Landscape gallery, others are critters and others are just miscellaneous happenings.  Whatever the reason, these are my top picks for pics.

Best Landscapes:  As the name implies, this gallery contains my favorite landscape shots from all around.  But there is a fairly wide variety of shots:  National Parks, sunsets, seascapes, urban and city views, bridges...just about anything.  This started as a collection of the ONE best photo from each of our trips, but there were too many trips with multiple favorite photos so now it is just my overall set of favorite landscape shots.

Best Birds:  While these are not all great photos, they are my best avian images.

Amazing Places:  I saw a slide show of 20-ish amazing places that everyone should see.  I had already seen 3 or 4 and decided to come up with my most amazing views.

Top 10 Sets