Destinations - OhioHick

TRAVEL and DESTINATIONSWe like to go places.  The National Parks are certainly favorite destinations, but we'll go just about anywhere.  Since we have so many photos from so many trips, I've tried to put a little organization into these images.

The first folder, Team Photos, is just that, a set of galleries of group pictures from our travels (Utah meet-up, golf trips and just pics of Lynn and me).

The next set of folders are our travels in the United States, where most of our excursions occur.  But it is a big country so I've defined some general regions that cover multiple states in the lower 48 as some of our adventures will cross multiple states.

We have made a few trips outside the US, with more planned, and those are collected in the third set of galleries.

In the fourth set are collected the pages of the photobooks that I created for most of our bigger trips.