Wyoming 2014 - OhioHick

Wyoming 2014

What each gallery holds:

Day 1:  First day in Grand Teton National Park.  Looking for critters.

Day 2:  Taggart and Bradley Lakes trail.

Day 3:  Cascade Canyon hike.

Day 4:  Photo ops, critter sightings, Rendezvous Mountain and Moose Ponds hike.

Day 5:  Moving to Yellowstone; Grand Prismatic Spring and Mammoth.

Day 6: Mammoth to Roosevelt and beyond.

Day 7:  Hellroaring Creek, Lost Lake, Yellowstone Picnic area hikes.

Day 8:  Lamar Valley and Cowboy Cookout.

Day 9:  Wolves in Hayden Valley and Storm Point hike.

Day 10:  Grand Teton Photo ops.

Critters:  Collection and animal images from the trip.